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Articles on Aspects of His Railways - Shropshire and Montgomeryshire Light Railway

'The editors intend that this section will have regular articles on individual Colonel Stephens Railways, how they came about and how they were run. The Museum is in being to promote interest and research into his railways. Should you wish to contribute original, suitable and well researched material we will be happy to consider it, just E-mail us.'

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30th October 2009


Brian Janes explores the lengthy saga of Melverley Viaduct and is key importance to Shropshire and Montgomeryshire and subsequently the local community.

23rd June 2008

A Narrow Escape On The Shropshire & Montgomeryshire Railway

As has been described elsewhere, the new 0-6-2Ts built for the Shropshire and Montgomeryshire were sold off in somewhat obscure circumstances to the Government during World War I. The author of that Topic speculated that their sale might have been precipitated by an accident, which took place on 22nd July 1915 which, but for fortune, might have been disastrous for the new railway.

11th December 2007

The S&MR In World War II - Parts 1 & 2

With the outbreak of war the S&MR was seen, unlike for instance the WC&P, as a railway that was important to the nation and was accordingly taken into government control.
A new article by Brian Janes. Part 2 slightly amended in the Light of Further Research, March 2008

13th December 2005


A look at the inter–railway politics that led the Shropshire and Montgomeryshire to be starved of traffic at its Western end. An article by Brian Janes, that first appeared in the Tenterden Terrier but has now been amended to take account of further research.

22nd October 2002


The late Bill Willans, cousin of Tom Rolt and son of the originator of the use of Sentinel engines as locomotive, was an apprentice fitter on the Shropshire & Montgomeryshire in the late 1920s. He recounted his experiences for The Colonel the journal of the Colonel Stephens Society, which by kind permission we reproduce here.

12th January 2002


This article by Stephen Garrett first appeared in The Tenterden Terrier.