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Tenterden Terrier

Tenterden Terrier Number 121 - Summer 2013

The next generation
Andrew Morris
Profile of a 20-year-old member who became involved with the K&ESR despite living 250 miles away and went on to train as a guard

Gervase comes home
A photo feature on the visit of the 0-4-0 Sentinel locomotive "Gervase" at the K&ESR after restoration. Its unloading in 2013 is compared with a similar view of its arrival in 1962, while another photo shows surviving members of the team who put it into working order in 1962

What is a Sentinel locomotive?
Brian Janes
Describes the origins of the Sentinel locomotive, with illustrations from the Colonel Stephens Historical Archive. First built in 1922, the design incorporated a high-pressure vertical boiler and a two-cylinder high-speed engine with a geared chain drive, derived from the Sentinel steam road lorry

Education passes 10,000
Keith Harcourt
Education is a major part of the K&ESR's charitable objectives, and more than 10,000 children and teachers have participated in the railway's educational projects since 2006. The most successful in terms of numbers is the Evacuation Project, which aims to give the children a sense of what is was like to be a child in World War II

Replacing the Terriers
Charles Judge
Describes the trials by British Railways Southern Region in 1957 and 1958 of 204hp Drewry diesel shunters, which resulted in their use on the Robertsbridge-Tenterden Town goods service instead of the 80-year-old Terrier steam locomotives

How much more?
Graham Baldwin
The General Manager completes his overview of the financial side of the railway by looking at the costs and income associated with marketing, Santa Specials, ThomasTM, office and utilities, membership, IT, wages, shop, Pullman and other catering. The aim is to balance the books by operating on 185 days a year, with the aid of some 400 volunteers in addition to paid staff

4253 – a phoenix rises
Bryan Atkins
Describes progress by 4253 Ltd. with the restoration of ex-GWR 42xx class 0-8-2T No. 4253, which arrived at Rolvenden in June 2011 after spending some 25 years at Barry scrapyard and a similar time on a mountain in South Wales. Following dismantling, the various parts of the engine are being repaired or replaced, and around 85% of the parts that were missing on arrival have been sourced

Rails to Lands End
Tom Burnham
There were four light railways proposed to serve Lands End and St Just, in the far west of Cornwall, in 1898-1899, two of them engineered by H.F. Stephens. This article looks at the routes and at the rivalry of the two syndicates behind them, Economic Railways Co Ltd and Railway Developments Ltd.

A moving story
Doug Lindsay
Some thoughts on the effects of the preservation of the K&ESR on the social history of Tenterden over the last 52 years. Results have included people moving to the town, marriages, groups of friends and the impact on the local economy