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Tenterden Terrier

Terrier Number 110 - Winter 2009

terrier110Number 110 - Winter 2009

From the board room
Nick Pallant
A selection of topics discussed at Directors' meetings in May, June and July 2009

Musings from a Mark 1
A long-standing volunteer discusses how to bring visitors to the K&ESR and the challenge of giving them an experience that will make them want to repeat their visit

Railway Experience Days
Howard Wallace-Sims
Describes the range of Railway Experience Days on offer and how they are organised. These have been run in-house since 2005 and produce revenue of some £80,000 a year with more than three hundred participants

Obituary: Robert John Forsythe 1930-2009
David Brailsford
Bob Forsythe joined the LMS as a premium apprentice at the age of 15 and spent much of his railway service at Cricklewood motive power depot. He began volunteering on the K&ESR in 1969, and was a full-time employee at Rolvenden from 1988 to 1995, after which he was a member of the Board

Obituary: Jim Price
James Gregory Price was born in 1935 and worked as an ambulance crew member for some 23 years, mainly in the Dover area. He joined the K&ESR in the 1970s, and worked at a variety of jobs, latterly as an attendant in the Museum. He died in August 2009

Obituary: Nicholas Patching (26th November 1959 - 11th July 2009)
Nick Patching ("PM") joined the K&ESR when a pupil at Maidstone Grammar School in the early 1970s. He was a member of the S&T department, becoming a signalman on his 18th birthday, and developed an encyclopaedic knowledge of railway signalling. In 1987 he moved to Wales and joined the Llangollen Railway, of which he was a director and company secretary until his death

The station buildings of the K&ESR
Brian Janes
An historical survey, describing and illustrating the station buildings of the original K&ESR, pointing out similarities and difference between them and stations on other railways engineered by Holman Stephens

A small boy's Sunday
Monty Baker
After an unfortunate incident when blowing the organ at the Tenterden Wesleyan Methodist Chapel in the 1920s, the author used to spend his Sundays fishing with his grandfather. They reached the River Rother by the K&ESR, in the course of which he became acquainted with Arthur Taunt, the Station Agent at Tenterden Town

Meeting the Colonel: a winter tale from the Museum
Peter Southgate
In this spooky story, a museum attendant finds something he didn't expect when he enters the reconstruction of Colonel Stephens office...

The Dean Goods in wartime Kent
Charles Judge
Seventy years ago, Great Western Railway "Dean Goods" locomotives arrived on the K&ESR to move the rail mounted artillery of the Super Heavy Batteries. Their use in Kent by the Army in World War 2 is well known, but very little has been published about the allocation of individual locomotives. This article attempts to fill in some of the gaps