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Tenterden Terrier

Tenterden Terrier Number 120 - Spring 2013

Tenterden Terrier 120 front cover23
Gervase revisited
Mike Hart
Photographs of the final stages of rebuilding of the Manning Wardle/Sentinel 0-4-0 "Gervase" which is to appear at the Steam Up event in May 2013

Welcome 6619!
A photo feature on ex-GWR 0-6-2T 6619 (56xx class) which hauled a 6619Ltd shareholders' special on 25 November 2012 before entering regular service with the Santa Specials

Tickets please!
Roger Allin
The Chief Booking Clerk gives an analysis of passenger numbers for 2012. A grand total of 84,709 were carried, a 15.9% fall compared with the excellent year of 2011

Aries – a 'star' of the Pullman Car Company
Doug Lindsay
A history of the Pullman car "Aries" which has been acquired for use on the K&ESR. A first class kitchen car, "Aries" was built at the Pullman Car Company works at Preston Park, Brighton, and entered service in 1952, initially on the Golden Arrow. She was withdrawn in 1967 and used until 1998 as a restaurant at the Yew Tree Inn near Rochdale. Purchased in 2012 with the aid of the Pullman Gratuities Fund, "Aries" will eventually form part of the Wealden Pullman

How much?
Graham Baldwin
The General Manager outlines some of the fixed costs that have to be met by the K&ESR even before a train runs, including permanent way, signaling and telecoms, forestry and conservation, repairs and maintenance to stations and commercial buildings, finance costs and general costs

Want to run your engine? That will be £12 please!
Brian Janes
Looking back fifty years to the arrival and steaming of the first locomotives on the preserved railway, "Gervase" on 13 June 1962, "Dom" – which never ran again as a locomotive - on the following day. A charge of £12 was levied by British Railways for track inspection before the engine could be run at the AGM in June 1963. "Gervase" and "Dom" were followed by "Marcia" in July 1963 and then "Hastings" and "Charwelton" early in 1964

Gricer's Mark I musings
A regular volunteer comments on recent happenings on the K&ESR, including the increasing attention paid by the regulatory authorities to heritage railways, the practice of waving at trains, special events on the K&ESR in the 1980s, and the enthusiasm generated by the arrival of locomotives 4253 and 6619

Obituary: John Jefferies
John Jefferies, who died in November 2012 at the age of 64, was involved with the K&ESR between 1980 and 1985 as a guard, and as a director and company secretary of the Tenterden Railway Co. Ltd. He moved from Kent to the Midlands in 1985 but continued to be a supporter of the K&ESR

Early train working on the Kent and East Sussex
Brian Janes
Recent sorting of the archives at the Colonel Stephens Railway Museum has revealed two printed working timetables, something not previously known from the Colonel Stephens railways. One is for the Rother Valley railway and is dated April 1903, immediately following the extension to Tenterden Town. The other is for the K&ESR, covering the whole line from Robertsbridge to Headcorn and is dated May 1905. They reveal a number of interesting aspects of train working during the railway's first decade